Sofia Trend

Sofia Trend is a trademark of the real estate agency “ATrend”. The website is build on WordPress. The website is designed by the BSH team and tested for usability by Lucrat 

Arlette Art

Arlette Art is an online gallery, presenting artists and art connoisseurs with the opportunity to meet. Our goal is to popularize the artwork of famous Bulgarian artists in Bulgaria and around the world. We also give the opportunity to contemporary young artists to present their work

Forest Trade

Forest Trade is a Bulgarian company in the field of wood drying and production of semi manufactured and readymade oak tree goods.

Daricars Trading Ltd.

Daricars Trading Ltd. is a company directed its energy and competence to the purpose to ensure to its clients the best decision for their needs.

Geo55 Bulgarian Properties

Geo55 Ltd is a company with over 15 years experience in property sales, design, building and construction advice and investment supervision.