Graphic design

The making of graphic design consists of the visual representation of the information and the navigational elements

The graphical design in created in tight collaboration with the client. The main purpose is achieving original and clear appearance of the website, which is as close as possible to the client’s requirements and the existing company identity

The work out of the graphic design follows these steps:

  • Making a logo
  • Making the graphical design of a few basic pages
  • Making the graphical design of all the main sections of the website
  • Making all graphical elements – images, labels, flash elements, etc.

Making themes

Many of the ready made content management systems, offer the possibility to use different themes (graphic layout of the website). The development of a theme includes creation of graphical design, development of HTML templates and integration of the theme in the chosen system.

I have experience in making themes for some of the most widely used content management systems – WordPress, PrestaShop, Dropal. Joomla, phpBB, ZenCard, etc.