• Graphic design

    The making of graphic design consists of the visual representation of the information and the navigational elements.
  • Information Architecture

    The Information Architecture of a website consists of the process of precisely structuring the information, its organization into navigational schemes, and its representation through intuitive visual elements.
  • Development of templates and website prototype

    With the development of templates, the main sections, worked out in the graphical design, are interpreted as HTML pages, viewable under a browser. The separate templates can be linked with each other, creating a simulation of a website.
  • Website implementation

    Websites can be static or dynamic. Once a website is completed, its content needs to be entered, it needs to be optimized for search engines and maintained according to the client's needs.
  • Online shop implementation

    The online shop is a good option for a website, through which sales are done with minimal expenses for maintenance.
  • Web applications implementation

    Web applications can be polls, catalogs, task management systems, galleries (audio, video, images), additional applications for a website, applications for information processing, etc.